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​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

Katie K. >>> 5 stars

Unfortunately I did not get a pig from cuties but I did get a pig and my breeder was no help at all after receiving her. I reached out to cuties for help and they have answered any questions I have had and has been a big help to my pig and I. I would highly recommend cuties!

Sara A. >>> 5 stars

I love this lady and her piggies! I got my little guy after doing a lot of research and waiting, and this was the perfect farm to go through. She's very knowledgable and helps every step of the way! Would so get a second piggy from here! ❤️❤️❤️

Melissa D. — 5 stars >>  Definitely 5 stars!!!! Our little boy was born on February 2nd, 2015 And he is as cute as can be. It was definitely the best birthday present I ever got. In the process of waiting for him to come home, I got pictures weekly, and frequent updates on how he was doing. I would definitely recommend getting a piglets from here. All the piglets from here are healthy and well taken care of. My little piglet is named Guinea, and yes he's a house pet. We have him potty trained for the most part he still has accidents every once in awhile but gets better and better by the week. Now that he is completely warmed up to us he is just a bundle of love. He sleeps in bed with me and my husband or he will sleep at the foot of the bed on my kids floor. He is started to learn manners for instance when you tell him to sit he will now sit. 

So if you're looking to get a pig this is definitely the place where you should get one. But please keep in mind pigs are a lot of work and they need a lot of attention. It is definitely like having a two year old running around your house.


(taken from facebook ratings)

Kimberlee B. — 5 stars >>  Great experience ! When I first contacted Ari about her pigs she returned my message immediately and answered all and any questions and concerns about being a new pig mommy . She continues to check on my pig and answers my questions in a timely manor . She also sent me up dates and pictures of my pig as she was reaching the date closer to coming home . When my pig was ready to come home she met mein an area that was close to me . My pig came home happy and heathy and is thriving in her new home. Make sure you do your research before getting a pig and if u do decide on getting one this would be safe and great place in getting one ! I refer all people who ask me where I got my "cute little piggy " to colorado teacup cuties.

Dana L. — 5 stars >>  We got a piglet back in January =) she was the perfect addition to our family! She was well socialized before she came home so the adapting progress was a lot easier than then the pig we got a few months before her was sense she was a straight barn pig. This breeder is always willing to chat with us if we have any questions or concerns about AnnaBella which is always great because the 1st breeder we went through shortly after bringing the piglet home fell off the face of the earth lol. I would highly recommend this breeder! Even my husband who was anti pig and wanted nothing to do with adding another pig and didn't pay much attention to our AiraBella loves AnnaBella and helps spoil her as much as I do! Great great pigs and breeders ÷)

Cortney B. — 5 stars >> Love my little piggy! She was liter trained before we got her! All the pigs at the farm are given so much love, Layla expected it when she came home! (Which she got) Could not have asked for a better breeder! She truly cares for the well being of both the piglets, and the new parents!

Crystal Aguila — 5 stars >> We are obsessed with our piggy! She was already litter trained and is just the sweetest thing! The care sheet was very informative with all the information you need and more. Our friends cant wait to get their own. Our piggy is so awesome and lovable AND she is a TV star!! Search YouTube for "Piggy Smalls" and you can check out her big debut :)

Crystal R. >>> 5 stars

We have worked with Colorado Tea Cup Cuties for a few months now to get our perfect pig. She has been so helpful and supportive of us. You can tell when you meet her she loves her pigs. Our pig has adjusted so well and only took a day to potty train. Excellent pigs, excellent service and forever support!!! Will buy from her again in the futue :-)

September 19, 2015

Phoenix S >>> 5 stars

Thank you so very much! We love our "new addition!" I want to thank you for your kindness, patience and professionalism. YOu addressed our questions BEFORE we even knew to ask by providing a packet of information that made it easy for us to care for our "baby." Thanks again for patiently answering my calls and answering my questions WHENEVER I called. What you do is far more than just breeding & extends WELL beyond the purchase of an animal. Your caring & kindness shine through!
Thank You ever so much!!
Phoenix & Lavender

Darby R. >>> 5 stars
When researching places to adopt pigs, we ran into a lot of places that were very vague about their animals, were extremely expensive, or never got back to us about our questions. That was never once the case with Colorado Cutie Pigs. We messaged her one day about coming to see the piglets and were on our way to her farm within the hour. She is so flexible about meeting with potential owners. She is very knowledgable about her animals and we felt very confident about adopting from her. She included so many useful tips in her adoption packet and set us up with all the essentials we would need for the first few months. Clyde has been such a great addition to our family and we are so thankful to have found Colorado Cutie Pigs and are so grateful for all the current and future support she offers.
October 29, 2015 · 

Jennifer F.  >>>5 stars
Ari was/is wonderful. She is always willing to pick up the phone (text/call) to answer any questions or give advice. She gave my family and I the best experience welcoming our first piggy to our family. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking add a pig to their family. She was wonderful in setting up transportation as well so we didn't have to fly our baby Penelope to NM.
November 10, 2015 ·

Bethanny K. >>> 5 stars

After researching countless farms and breeders nationwide, I came across this company, and they were by far the best! I took a trip out to the farm, and ALL the animals were well taken care of, free, and happy. The piggies were ADORABLE and AMAZING. The mommy and daddy pigs were small, happy, and VERY MUCH LOVED. This company/family farmers took care of all my wants, needs, and many questions. They were very knowledgeable, HONEST, and willing to help in any way I needed. She responded quickly every time. I would highly recommend this company to buy your new piggie, and forever family member

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