​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

Piglet Adoption Steps


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>>>  RESEARCH!!!!!  <<<

     I cannot stress enough, the importance of doing research before you jump in and get a pig.  They are amazing, fun and fulfilling pets to have but at times they will also test you, your patience even your decision of getting a pig in the first place.  When I tell people its like having a really smart 3 year old toddler its not an exaggeration.  Their minds are always going and figuring out whats what.  A bored pig is a destructive pig.  They aren't a pet that will be happy locked in a cage all day while you are at work.  They need stimulation and they need to be able to have time to "be a pig".  While it is a big commitment having a pet pig, it is also a very rewarding pet, one that will give you mass amounts of love and joy.  There are quite a few pig pages on facebook that are pretty informative  and also is very good to be able to hear from people who already have a pig.   I am a member of Mini Pig Breeders co-op and the website also has a lot of very good info and resources on it.  www.minipigbreeders.com

 >>>  CHECK YOUR ZONING!!! <<<

     Pet pigs are a relatively new pet.  Some cities and towns and also most HOAs do not allow pet pigs.   If you think "oh, it will will be ok, no one will notice" someone will.  At some point an animal control officer will come to your door and tell you that you have a couple days to a couple weeks to get rid of your pet.  They do not care if its the greatest pet ever and wouldn't ever bother anyone.  If its illegal, then you have no foot to stand on, you will have to rehome your pet or move.  A quick google search will usually give you a place to start.  I usually google "pet pigs allowed in ( city, state)?".  That will at least give me a starting point as to if they are forbidden.  If you find that you are in a restricted area then you can try to get the laws changed as some of them are old laws pertaining to farm pigs and have not been changed since pigs have been domesticated pets.  Sometimes you will hit a dead end and no way to change the law, but if you are really wanting to have a pet pig you can start your research on areas that do allow pigs :-).  

A few place to start your search....

www.google.com  >>>>  search "are mini pigs allowed in city/state"


 >>>  FIND A VET!! <<<

     Pigs are relatively healthy animals but you still need to find a vet so you have one for checkups and emergencies.  I suggest finding a regular vet and then at least 1 to use on an emergency as all vets aren't available after hrs on weekends and holidays which of course are the times when someones sick.  I have some vets listed for Colorado but if you find one here that's not on the list please let me know so I can add it.  Not all vets will see pigs.  If you are having a hard time finding one search for farm animal, large animal vets or vet teaching schools (universities).  

>>> DO YOU HAVE DOGS?<<<  

     Many people have pigs and dogs... but you must be able and willing to always supervise them when and if they are going to be together.  Pigs are natural prey to dogs.  And its not always the dog that is who starts the problems!!  Pigs are always trying to be "top" so a pig may push, push,push until finally the dog is like ok, fine I guess we can fight.  You should not ever leave them unsupervised as even after years of being friends it only takes once and your pig will have terrible wounds or even die from your dog.  

Some dogs will never like pigs, some pigs will never like dogs.  

Something about their movements, smell or noises they make may set them off.  

If you choose a pet pig you must think about if your dog absolutely hates the pig how will you keep them apart and are you willing to live that way for their lifetime?  


     Regardless of if you are choosing Colorado Cutie Pigs or not, make sure to research the breeder.  

A few things, the breeder you choose should allow visits to see their full grown parents (3 yrs plus!)   

Piglets should be properly weaned before they come home.  

Piglets should not be on a bottle at any point.  


     We usually have piglets available through out the year, some piglets are sold before they are even born and the piglets that aren't sold are usually spoken for soon after.  To assure a piglet will be available I require a $150 deposit which comes off the price of the piglet and the date of your deposit determines what pick you get of a litter born.  I have 2 lists, minis & Julianas ($500- $650) and Kune Kunes or Kunnini (Kune Kune/Mini mix) Once you place your deposit you are in line for a piglet.  After piglets are born I will call/text or email you and let you know who had babies, colors and sex.  I send pics and if you are interested you are welcome to come out to the farm and see the piglets in person.  If you pass to the next litter you will just be moved up in line.  

Deposits and payments are nonrefundable but can be passed onto a future litter when you are able to get a pig.  Payments towards balance can be made but balance is due before your piglet can go home.  

​All male piglets are fixed before they leave, Females, if big enough will be done before they leave and if not will set up at a later date to be fixed.  

All piglets go home with a blanket, birth certificate, next dose of wormer, care packet and lifetime support, they are fully weaned and on pellets also partially to fully potty trained.   

I provide lifetime support and am available for questions whenever you need