Colorado Cutie Pigs

Female 1 from Trixie and Ziggy Ready now!! 

ON SALE $550 normally $700

​D.O.B   11.27.18

Female 5 from Cheyenne and Ziggy She is fixed & Ready Now!! 

ON SALE!!! $300 normally $700

D.O.B    9.12.18

Female 2 from Boots and Ziggy Ready NOW!!!

ON SALE $300 normally $700

​D.O. B    9.8.18


If you dont see a baby you like you can place a deposit on an upcoming litter!  Piglet deposits secure your place in line and I go by order of deposit for who gets choice 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.  If you dont find your perfect baby just pass to the next.   After all the families that have placed a deposit have chosen their piglet I put the available piglets up for adoption here and on my facebook page.  

Piglets for sale

Available Piglets

We usually have piglets due throughout the year.  If there aren't any piglets available or you are interested in a certain pair of parents you can place a deposit and that holds a piglet for you.  I go in order of deposit date for choice on piglets.   
Deposits are $150 and are non-refundable, the deposit comes off the total price of the piglet.  

Piglet prices are $650/males and $700/females.

If you do not find a piglet to your liking or a situation arises that you cannot get a piglet, you can roll your deposit to a different litter.    

Full payment is due before the piglets goes home with you.

We also offer payments if its easier for you but will need to be paid in full before piglet comes home.  
All piglets will be fixed & microchipped before they leave

All piglets also go home with a blanket, birth certificate, next dose of wormer, care packet, lifetime support and come partially to fully potty trained.   
I do provide lifetime support and am available for questions whenever you need me. 

More piglets coming soon!!!

Make sure you do your research before you adopt a pet pig!!  There are so many pigs that end up having to rehomed or end up in a shelter because their family didn't do the research BEFORE they brought that cute little piglet home or they didn't research the breeder they got their pig from and didn't know they were getting lied to.  A pet pig is a long term (12-20+yr) commitment and shouldn't be done on an impulse.  I do offer lifetime support for your piglet  and I'm always available to answer any questions you may have before and after you bring a piglet into your life.