Opal   d.o.b 11/14/2016

Due July 2018

IZABELLA & ATHENA d.o.b 9/5/15

Natashas daughters, registered JPAR 75% juliana 

Here are all of Colorado Cutie Pigs mama pigs with recent pics of all of them.  Mini pigs are not fully grown until they reach about 3 1/2 - 4 yrs old.  At around 2 1/2 -3 or so their growth plates fuse and they are about done growing but will usually fill out a little. Piglets should grow to be around the same height as their parents.

​ I measure all my pigs to the top of their back at the front shoulder.

Colorado Cutie Pigs cannot guarantee the size that a piglet will grow to, no breeder can, but a good estimate is the size of the parents and grandparents.  

Lily is from California Mini Pigs.  She should give us lots of wonderful spots!!  She has beautiful golden eyes that she passes to her babies!!

 She is 5 yrs old  > D.O.B  February, 2013

My Mama Pigs

Natasha is a beautiful Juliana that throws blue eyed piglets and stands under 16" high.  She is registered with JPAR as 50%.  I have her pedigrees back to grandparents.  She was born at Island miniatures in FL and came to me from Petite Piggies in Idaho. I kept 2 of her piglets, Izabella and Athena who are registered with JPAR as 75%   


She is 5 yrs old  > D.O.B  4/2013

NATASHA   ( 50% registered Juliana 16" tall) d.o.b 4/2013

​        CHARLOTTE  (Miniature pig)  d.o.b 3/2016  

Pumpkin was born here from Trixie and Chun Wang.  Such an amazing red color at birth I fell in love and decided she would be staying here. Her sister is Penelope.

  > D.O.B  11/19/2016

​PUMPKIN (Trixie and Chun Wangs daughter) d.o.b 11/19/2016

SALSA  d.o.b 11/14/2016

Registered KUNE KUNE 

Miss Cheyenne still has a little growing to do, but by the looks of her, she will be one of my smaller girls. She has Juliana traits so i'm sure she has some mixed in there. 

She is such a beautiful and gentle girl.

​She is 3 1/2 yrs old > DOB 10/2014

Trixie is gorgeous unregistered Juliana that has thrown spots, red stripes and red tux.  She is also from California Mini Pigs.  I have bred her with my Kune Kunes to make Kuninis!

 She is 5 yrs old  > D.O.B  February 14, 2013

Queso is a gorgeous light orange with black spots.  

 She will be bred to Chip my unregistered Kune Kune boar. 

Age 2 1/2 yrs old     D.O.B  2015

Sweetheart is my oldest and tallest pig.  She has long legs and a big face. She doesnt have the potbelly and looks lean in comparison.  Shes a very good girl and quite a "sweetheart" :-)  

 She is over 7 yrs old  > D.O.B  2011

SWEETHEART  ( Miniature pig 18" tall)  d.o.b 6/2011

Babe is a sweet girl.  She gives me very cute babies!  Babe is about knee high stands at under 17" tall (bull dog size) and has much shorter legs than Sweetheart.  

 She is 6 yrs old  > D.O.B  2012

Skye came from North Carolina.  She is 14" tall and has a longer snout.  Very compact body.

She is a "super tiny mini pig".  

She is 7 yrs old   > D.O.B  5/19/2011

DOLLY   (Miniature pig 16" tall)   d.o.b 4/2013

PENELOPE  ( Trixie & Chon Wang daughter)   d.o.b 11/19/2016

SKYE   (tiny mini size  13" tall)  d.o.b 5/19/2011

Colorado Cutie Pigs

TRIXIE   (unregistered Juliana minipig)  d.o.b 02/14/2013

Opal is my pretty saddle back girl.  She should produce the same as her and tuxedos.  Excited for this little lady as I have not had this coloring in litters yet.  She came from Tammies minipigs (a great breeder) out in Rifle CO.   

Almost 2 years old >> D.O.B  November 14, 2016

LILY   (unregistered Juliana minipig)  d.o.b 02/2013

Dolly is a very pretty black sow with white feet.  She is such a sweetie and stands under 16" 

I have her pedigree back to her parents. She came from Island miniatures in FL.

She is amazing and has really soft hair.  

She is 5 yrs old  D.O.B  4/2013

Charlotte is my beautiful all black girl.   She had 9 black and black and white babies her 1st litter. 

She is 2 yrs old > D.O.B  3/2016

Mia should give us pink and spotted babies.  Shes still young but pretty small.  She has a very compact body.      

 She is 2 years old  > D.O.B  June 14, 2016

 I have different sizes of miniature pigs including 
mini pigs 15"- 18", 
micro mini pigs 13"-14".  
We also have JPAR registered Juliana pigs and unregistered Juliana pigs.  
 My "micro mini" piglets are from parents that at over 4 yrs old are 13" & 14" tall and very very small. 
My regular mini pigs as adults are 15"- 18" and about the size of a bull dog.  I cannot guarantee any of their sizes but piglets should be comparable to their parents.  

I kept both Izabella and Athena from Natashas 1st litter here.  Izabella has beautiful sky blue eyes, one is a moon eye (half blue half brown) and her sister Athena was the runt (still very small) both throw blue eyed babies!

​They are 3 yrs old

CHEYENNE   ( Small mini pig 14" tall)  d.o.b 10/2014

BABE  ( Miniature pig 17" tall)  d.o.b 2012

QUESO d.o.b 2015

unregistered KUNE KUNE 

Penelope is a beautiful sweet tiny girl who loves belly rubs.  She has a wonderful personality and has a gorgeous face.  When she was born she had brown chipmunk stripes through her black hair.  

 She is almost 2 years old > D.O.B  11/19/16

MIA   d.o.b 06/14/2016


Salsa is a beautiful registered double wattled Kune Kune from California.  Jenny/Andrew Lines. 

 For now she is being bred to Chip my unregistered Kune Kune boar. 

D.O.B  February 29, 2016

BLOSSOM    d.o.b 09/17/2017


    I got Blossom as a replacement for my retired silver girl Babe.  Silver was one of my first colors and still one of my favorite colors!

  D.O.B  September 17, 2017