​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

    I got Blossom as a replacement for my retired silver girl Babe.  Silver was one of my first colors and still one of my favorite colors!

  D.O.B  September 17, 2017

BLOSSOM american miniature

D.O.B   09/17/2016

BUTTERCUP   american miniature                 

15" tall          D.O.B    10/17

 I have different sizes of miniature pigs including 
mini pigs 15"- 18", 
We also have JPAR registered Juliana pigs and unregistered Juliana pigs.  

My regular american mixed mini pigs as adults are 15"- 18" and about the size of a bull dog.  I cannot guarantee any of their sizes but piglets should be comparable to their parents.  

My Mama Pigs

Butercup is a beautiful silver (blue).  I got her as i love the silver babies but have retired both my of the 1st blues and I just couldn't live without making this gorgeous color.    

 She is 3 yrs old  > D.O.B  10/17

Charlotte is my beautiful all black girl.   She had 9 black and black and white babies her 1st litter.  ​She normally throws the same colors. 

She is 4 yrs old > D.O.B  3/2016

Kilani is a shy but sweet spotted girl.  Gives mostly spotted or red babies

She is over 4 yrs old  > D.O.B  11/2016

​        CHARLOTTE         Miniature pig 

D.O.B 3/2016  

KILANI   american mixed mini  

  17" tall         D.O.B  11/2016