Mini pig
PRICE: $475-$550

Bred for October 2016

Mini Pig 
PRICE: $475-$550

Bred for Mid AUGUST 2016

SweetHeart and Buddy

Sweetheart is a wonderfully sweet girl that loves belly rubs.  She has longer legs but slender body.  She has produced many silver/white and black piglets.  $150 to reserve one of her piglets and that does come off the total price.

BABE and BUDDY bred for August 2016 

Babe usually produces silver with white, black or black with white piglets.   

Pictures are of Babes previous litters.  

Piglets range $475-$550

  Some litters do sell out before they are ready to go home so if you see a pair of parents that you'd like a piglet from you can place a deposit and you will get choice in order of deposit received.  If after the litter comes, you don't find a piglet to your liking you may transfer your deposit to a different litter.   

Upcoming litters

PRICE: $1000

Adele and Winston 

Adele is my smallest pig and should produce some tiny babies.  She has a very slender body with a really short snout and stands just 13" tall.  She is mostly white with some black spots.

Micro-Mini x Juliana 
PRICE: $550-$700

Bred for mid July 2016
Natasha and Winston 

She also arrived to my farm May 23rd and is now pregnant by Winston my tiny spotted boar.  She has produced a beautiful litter of babies at Petite piggys of Idaho and I kept 2 of her girls from her first litter here (Izabella & Athena) She is JPAR registered at 50% and throws blue eyed babies as does Winston.

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Males will be fixed before they go home.
 Females will need to be spayed by you.

 If you would like breeding rights let me know and we can work out the details.

Skye and Winston 

She is Adeles full sister and just slightly bigger.  She has a way longer snout than Adele. Shes a good girl :-)

Dolly and Buddy

She arrived to my farm May 23rd from DB Farms/ Petite Piggys in Idaho.  I will be breeding her for mid winter babies.  She has very soft hair and is a sweet girl.

She is beautiful :-)

Evie and Winston 

Evie and Winston produced some beautiful babies.  She must have amazing milk because her babies developed rolls by the time they were a few weeks old!! She had 1 full pink baby and 2 with skin spots and 1 super spotted baby.  Im hoping to get some more super spotted from her, he was adorable!

JPAR registered 50% Juliana 
PRICE: $550-$650

Bred for mid June 2016

Colorado Cutie Pigs

PRICE: $1000

Bred for early July 2016