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Pet pigs are a lot of work.  Pigs are very smart so they need something to do to be kept occupied.

A bored pig is a destructive pig!!! 

A rooting box filled with balls or river rock can provide a lot of fun for your piglet especially if you throw some treats in there for them to root and find.

Busy dog toys can keep them occupied also.  I have balls,baby toys and other things for them to play with and keep them from getting bored.  

Piglet Supplies

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​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

Pigs are prey animals, you should never ever leave your pet pig and your dogs alone.  Many pigs find their friend a dog but even after yrs of being best friends if left alone a fight can happen and your pig is usually the one who gets hurt badly.  

Not all vets are knowledgeable in the care of mini pigs.  Make sure you find one before you take your piggy home.  You should also find one that can be contacted after hours in case of an emergency which of course is either on a weekend, holiday or after hours. 


  • Pigs can live 13-20 yrs.
  • Micro, teacup, pixie among others are not breeds, but size descriptions that people use.
  • Piglets are born with their eyes open, can see, hear and run as soon as they are born.
  • Pigs can grow up to 4-5 yrs, although their bone plates fuse at about 2 1/2 to 3 yrs old. 
  • Pigs are the 4th smartest animal and comparable to a 3yr old child.
  • Pigs can be taught tricks.
  • Pigs can be litter trained or trained to go potty outside like a dog.
  • Pigs do not sweat (that is why they like rolling in mud)
  • Pigs are a prey animal.
  • Pigs are pretty healthy animals.
  • Pigs have only recently (mid 80's) become a domesticated pet.
  • Pigs have poor vision.
  • Pigs can run up to 11 mph!!  They can run a mile in 7 minutes!
  • A bored Pig is a destructive Pig 
  • Pigs love to root, its instinct.
  • Pigs are very food driven.
  • Pigs can form strong bonds with humans and other animals.
  • Pigs grieve when someone they love leaves and can actually cry actual tears.
  • Pigs squeal when picked up because its unnatural for their feet to leave the ground and      when it happens they think they may be eaten.
  • Pigs enjoy music and can actually calm them down.
  • Pigs have a sweet tooth :-)
  • Pigs have more than 10,000 taste buds.
  • Female pigs go into heat every 3 weeks!
  • Male pigs can become sexually mature at 2-3 months
  • Female pigs are called gilts before they have a litter & sows after they have babies 
  • Male pigs that are not fixed are called Boars

Always try to see the parent pigs when buying a piglet.  You can better estimate your piglets full grown size much better.  Parent pigs should be at least 1 1/2 - 2 yrs old so they will be at least close to their full adult size.  Pigs can breed very early so make sure the parents aren't babies themselves.

Pigs are not fully grown until about 4 - 5 yrs old.  Most of their growth is done in the first yr and the pigs growth plates close around 2 1/2 - 3 yrs so after that they just "fill out" some.

Research is very important to do before getting any pet that you don't have experience with.  Pigs can be amazing pets but aren't for everyone.  You should definitely do tons of research about them as pets and figure out if they could be the right pet for you and your family BEFORE you bring one of those cute little piglets home with you.

 I am always willing to answer any questions or try to do whatever I can to help you with your mini pig pet, before or after you get one.  I do suggest joining some of the many mini pig pages on facebook as I have learned a lot from all the different experiences of other mini pig owners. Pigs do get attached quickly and will mourn the loss of you and their family if you have to rehome.  Sometimes it is necessary, but I want you to be as prepared as possible so we can avoid having to put a piglet through that unneeded stress :-)  I am always willing to take a piglet back and will help rehome if necessary.

I also provide short and long term boarding to help you keep you pig or if you just need to go on vacation.  

Colorado Cutie Pigs provides lifetime support and we give you a care packet with a lot of info for you to have on hand once you do bring your piglet home and I am always here to help answer any questions or concerns.