​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

This food can come in either bag.  

Before you bring your pig home you should have the supplies you are going to need to make your piglets life happier and easier from the very begining :-) 

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LITTERBOX > A cement mixing tub works great or a Rubbermaid under the bed boxes work pretty good but anything with short sides and is pretty big as they need room to turn. 

LITTER > If you will be using a litterbox you need to figure out what you want to use as litter. Some options are wood shavings (can be pretty messy) wood stove pellets (favorite) or equine bedding.  We use wood pellets here which we buy from the feed store. They turn to sawdust after they get wet and keep the smell down.    DO NOT USE KITTY LITTER !!!!  They may eat it and will cause a severe impaction.

FOOD & WATER BOWLS > They will root in the water and spill it all over so you will need find a heavy one and can use a mat of some sort for under it to catch the spilt water.  I like the square horse bowls for water.  I think they work great!  

OLD COMFORTERS > Pigs love to get comfy and roll themselves in a blanket.  You should have a few as spare when they need washing.  I always suggest going to goodwill, salvation army or hit up some yard sales and grab comforters and blankets!!

ROOTING BOX > if your piggy will be mostly inside you will need something for them to do what comes naturally. They LOVE to root!  For your piglet you can use an under the bed rubbermaid box & as they grow, a baby pool. You can fill with it with balls, river rock, small and put little treasures for them to find such as treats, tennis balls or toy trucks... They love to push things around with their little snouts Fun for them and you ;-)

MUD HOLE OR POOL > Since mine live outdoors I give them a nice mud hole to roll in, I also have baby pools for some of them.  It helps to give them protection from sunburn and also helps them to cool off.  If you'd rather not have your house pig completely covered in mud :-) you can just get a little baby pool and fill with water.  If they seem scared you can float some cheerios or other floating treat and they will soon realize how fun it is, try the same thing while trying to bathe.  

FOOD  > We use MannaPro Potbelly Ration or RanchWay Potbelly.  PURINA brand NATURES MATCH SOW AND PIG is another choice and its in a Green bag with a sow with babies on front.  They have recently changed the bag so may not be this exact bag I put pictures of both to the right.  You can use it for all ages from piglets to elder.  We switched from Mazuri mini pig food and love the results as all of our pigs coat and skin looks much better without the weight gain of commercial hog food :-) We Highly recommend it.  If you cannot find any of these on a regular basis use Mazuri.  

DO NOT USE HOG FEED If it says grower or finisher IT IS NOT THE RIGHT FOOD!!

KIDS MULTI-VITAMIN > You can give your pig 1 vitamin each day to help keep them healthy.  Make sure it does not contain aspertaime.  

 VET >  Make sure you find one that has experience with mini pigs.  Try farm vets or large animal vets in your area.  While Pigs are generally pretty healthy animals, you should always have a place to call in an emergency and someone able to see them for a regular visit.     A few of the vets I know of in CO are listed here.  If you find any others feel free to contact me and let me know!

WORMER > We use Ivermectin 1% for cattle and swine injectable, we generally worm them 3-4 times a year.  You should be able to find it at a farm store or you can buy online (amazon is where i get mine) You do not need to inject it.  Just use a syringe to get it out then put it on a snack (bread, apple sauce, favorite treat etc).  The dose is 0.2 cc per 10lbs

SHELTER​ > If your mini pig will be living outdoors or even if they only go out to play you will need to provide a shelter of some sort for them. I have several different shelters that I use for my pigs such as dog houses, a dog igloo, a shed etc.  I have a few that prefer an old blanket and others that I fill with a bunch of straw that they completely cover themselves with.  Straw will keep them warm and insulated in the winter and then cool in summer. 

PLAYPEN or KENNEL > When you first bring your piglet home you will need to provide him or her with a small area until they are completely potty trained and comfortable around you.  A used baby playpen works great or a large dog kennel.  Another option that works well is a bathroom or gated off small area.  Place a dog bed or some blankets to get comfortable on and on the opposite side a litterbox or puppy pad.  

HARNESS >  There are a few places that sell specifically made pig harnesses online or if you look for an A frame harness from any pet supply store. You cannot use a regular coller as they do not work on pigs properly.  www.piggear.com/index.php/mini-pig-harness.html  www.pigs4ever.com/pot_bellied_pig.../harnesses_and_leads.php

TOYS >  A bored piggy is a destructive piggy!!  Busy and treat toys are great to keep them occupied.  A great site that sells them with a great price is www.chewy.com search busy toys or puzzle toys.