These Pigs need love just as much or more than babies. Most would be great as a second pig.  Descriptions of what I know about them are listed.  If they are inside/outside, all outside, potty trained etc will all be listed too :-)


Born August of 2020

She will need to leave on a spay contract. 

She is kind of skittish but still very young so I think she will adjust well with some more one on one time.  She was litter trained and an inside girl at one point.  Came back to us but not because of her.  


Rehomes and Rescues

Lenny has been here just about 2 yrs now.  His former owners have decided to see if we can find him a forever home.  He is a good boy.  A little shy but will come over to see whats going on.  Was an inside boy but has been outside for 2 yrs now.  He is around 5 yrs old.

​REHOME FEE is $ 100

Make sure you do your research before you adopt a pet pig!!  There are so many pigs that end up having to rehomed or end up in a shelter because their family didn't do the research BEFORE they brought that cute little piglet home or they didn't research the breeder they got their pig from and didn't know they were getting lied to.  A pet pig is a long term (12-20+yr) commitment and shouldn't be done on an impulse.  I do offer lifetime support for your piglet  and I'm always available to answer any questions you may have before and after you bring a piglet into your life. 

We sometimes get rescues and rehomes that would be an amazing addition to a family or a farm/backyard friend. 

These babies are all great and just need a loving home and someone/somewhere to call their own. 

Please contact us if youd like to meet these cuties!!!

​​Colorado Cutie Pigs