There are many different names or descriptions that pet miniature pigs go by but they are NOT different breeds!!! 
Most pet pigs today are mixed minipigs.  People will sometimes breed minis really young and nowhere close to full size and say they are a breed such as micro minis, pixie pigs, teacup pigs, they are all just mixed mini and potbelly mix pigs but no matter the name, they all grow up miniature compared to farm hogs but not as small as many claim.
 I have different kinds of miniature pigs including
American Mini pigs & Juliana pigs 14"- 18"
Kune Kunes (largest minis) up to 24"
​Kune Kune mixes (Kuninis) up to 24"  
All of my pigs are measured at the front shoulder to the top of their back. 
We also have JPAR registered Juliana pigs and unregistered Juliana pigs.  

My american mini pigs as adults are 14"- 17" and about the size of a bull dog.  
I cannot guarantee any of their sizes but piglets should be comparable to their parents.  
Mini pigs can make great house pets but you must be prepared for a forever 3 yr old toddler.  Pet miniature pigs are extremely smart and need you to provide them with stimulating activities to keep them from becoming bored and possibly destructive.  They are all adorable little babies that can fit in a teacup at birth but by the time they are weaned and ready to come home  your piglet will no longer fit in that teacup, and there are no adult pigs that will !!!  You must do your research before you bring a little pig home,
Its a 15-20+ yr commitment. 

Please do your research before getting a mini pig as your pet.

 Pigs can be a lot of work but well worth all the love and enjoyment your mini pig will bring to your family and home.

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Colorado Cutie Pigs

Mini Pigs and care


We are proud to be a mini pig mini pigs breeder that enjoys promoting Ethical Honest Breeding through education, advocacy and care.

We breed miniature pigs and strive to be a responsible breeder, to send our piglets out with families that have done their research and are willing to provide our piglets with a forever home. We do provide lifetime support and will help answer any questions you may have before and after your piglet goes home.  

All of my parent mini pigs are on site.  We should have piglets available or soon to be available throughout the year.

We welcome and encourage you to visit the adult mini pigs to get a better feel for the size of the miniature piglet you choose should grow to.  

Miniature Pigs as pets