​​Colorado Cutie Pigs

I started Colorado Cutie Pigs after being given a mini pig that someone couldn't take with them when moving since I lived on a "farm".  I actually only had a few chickens but I live on 10 acres so "city folk" think its a farm Lol.  He was the coolest pet ever!  I just couldn't believe how smart he was and if I didn't have dogs i'd have so many more that lived in the house.  After about 4 months of living in the house one of my dogs was not completely amused about having a house pig and they got into a fight, Mr Pig was sliced open a bit and I realized it wasn't safe for him in the house so soon after that we moved him outside. I just couldn't see having him outside alone, so I had to get him some friends lol.  

It slowly grew to a "farm" including me owning over 25 pigs plus long-term boarding a couple and short term boarding others.  Besides pigs I also have 2 Llamas, 2 Livestock guardian dogs, sisters who are great Pyrenees/Anatolian shepard crosses named Willow and Aspen who help to protect everyone including 4 alpacas, around 20 ducks, 25 chickens and 8 geese and 4 turkeys.  I always thought it'd be so much fun to live on a farm and now I get to live that dream.  All the animals do make life here a lot of work but so, so much fun and worth the work!

I love when my piggy parents send updates and new pics!  Its so nice to see them loved on by their new families. 

Pictures of piglets born here 

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